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Negitive reply from Spin's PA, Natasha Day.

Received an email today from Design group, Spin\’s PA. Negative reply unfortunately, they were fully booked on the day when me and Kubby were planning on taking a trip to London.


Graphic Design company based in Bristol.

Graphic Design company based in Bristol.

Wire Sky
have a much broader range of clients, from stationary items for Zurich to promotional point of sales for Freeview. Their client list seems more established, not sure whether this is because they have a large team, or simply because they have been going a long time? Their website is fully functioning flash, and it even functions in a way which reflects their company profile: ‘We take it out, turn it upside down and inside out. We look at it in the light and again in the dark. We get excited. Then we tell your story from the inside.’

A Graphic Design company located in Bristol.

Graphic Design company located in Bristol.

Qube design associates Ltd are located on the Western side of the city, overlooking the river Avon. Their portfolio is relatively local, having dealt with clients such as South West screen and Bristol water. However, I personally like the work they have produced thus far, and their website is scarily similar to a design that I had in the production line. Might have to reconsider this if I end up making any further contact with Qube!

Clever concept for self promotion.

Clever concept for self promotion.

Really clever idea here by Jasmine Raznahan, a graphic designer currently living and working in London. Using snippets from her school reports over a number of years, the business card becomes a true and accurate representation of who she is today. Not only do the personal school report quotes represent honesty, but they show that Jasmine is a natural creative, a unique selling point.

ROAR is the UK's leading innovation company in the field of fingerprint development.

ROAR is the UK's leading innovation company in the field of fingerprint development.

As well as researching into, and ordering a supply of Ninhydrin spray used for the detection of latent fingerprints on porous (paper) material, I have also come across this company named ROAR particles based in Sedgefield, Middlesborough. They use nanoparticle technology to uncover latent fingerprints by applying a very fine, coloured powder to the surface of the object, using either a magnetic or non magnetic brush (depending on the powder used.)

ROAR particles are the leading company in the business, and after getting in contact with Mike Pitkethly, Chief Executive Officer, they have kindly offered a sample of their powder and magnetic brush for me to try out myself.

I might be able to make conclusions on people's interaction with print on a more visible level?

Making conclusions as to people's interaction with print on a more visible level?

After performing the various experiments on my printed pieces, it might be that I am able to visibly see how people have interacted with them, as well as the latent fingerprints that I will uncover. This will however, depend greatly on the amount of time in which I decide to allow each printed experiment to be handled.

Clever use of outdoor advertising, promotoing window cleaner, Cleanex.

Clever use of outdoor advertising, promoting window cleaner, Windex.

Clever piece of advertising that I stumbled across recently, promoting the window cleaning product, Windex. An example of how such a simple idea can be most effective.

The idea of stimuli within our environments that make us take particular action.

The idea of stimuli within our environments that make us take particular action.

Image taken from the delightful people at Urinalfly, A rather bizarre company that specialises in the sale of fly stickers for use especially in the male toilet. The urinalfly is a good example of a ‘nudge,’ things within our environment that effect our behaviour in some way. The urinalfly acts as a target for men to aim at, and therefor helps to reduce spillage by increasing accuracy.

Personally, I can make quite strong links between the ideas of a’ nudge’ and the use of certain print finishes. Embossing and varnishing upon a printed page for example, acts in a similar way to the fly image upon the urinal. They both encourage a greater level of human attention, and make us act in certain, unexplained ways towards them.

With regards to the developments I have made up until this point in my Extended Major Project, I had a tutorial with one of my lectures to discuss this and the possible future steps I could take in order to push my project in a positive direction.

It was agreed that the experiment that I have so far outlined as a means of providing an answer to my Hypothesis is unique and highly specialist in retrieving the results that I am looking for. Therefore, it would be in my best interest to continue pursuing this experiment to make sure that it is completed. However, depending on the accuracy of what my finding s from the experiment are, it might by worth me exploring the concept further by looking into how specific print finishes such as embossing and spot UV varnishing have an effect on the human behaviour in terms of memory. For example, could possibly design a series of experiments that involves allowing participants to read through pieces of print before asking them to notify what they remembered in particular about thier experience. If certain, key areas of information throughout the printed peice were spot varnished and other parts embossed for example, what would have the greatest impression in peoples memory?

The mock-up of the printed experiment.

First initial mock-up of the printed experiment.

As with any printed prototype, I crafted this in order to give myself a reasonably accurate reference to sizes, weights and alignment of all the components that will make up the printed experiment. Not that the actual content of the book, has as much relevance as the physical nature of the printed piece; I still found it helpful to have printed and bound a full scale working prototype of the book so that I could make any necessary changes to mistakes made in pagination and typographical consistency for example.

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