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Nice little advertising and marketing project by Antrepo that looks at simplifying product packaging in an over saturated consumer market that we find ourselves in today. Various well know products have been used including Nutella and Mr Muscle for instance, and in many cases the new, minimalist branding is more successful as captures attention and also allows the consumer to see MORE of the product.


Ad campaign targeting the ongoing Irag War. It’s message is simple yet effective, successfully using the physical properties of a printed flyer wrapped around a lamp post to communicate the message that the conflicts between West and East are much more deep rooted than first thought!

Saw this advertisment and thought of my EMP experiment.

Saw this advertisment and thought of my EMP experiment.

Whilst walking through bustling Oxford Street, I noticed this piece of advertising on the side of a newspaper stand. Although communicating the quality of the print, this graphic reminded me of one of my final experiments for my Extended Major Project that looked at how people interact with Newspapers. It also made me realise, that the quality of the print upon the page on these cheap, freebie Newspapers in central London is quite an issue to people and probably contributes to the fact that very few people seem interested in them.

Clever use of outdoor advertising, promotoing window cleaner, Cleanex.

Clever use of outdoor advertising, promoting window cleaner, Windex.

Clever piece of advertising that I stumbled across recently, promoting the window cleaning product, Windex. An example of how such a simple idea can be most effective.

A study on logos and their symbolic representation of nature.

A study on logos and their symbolic representation of nature.

I cam across this whilst browsing the media bookmarking library, Dropular. (Haven’t been able to find the exact link I’m afraid, as the site gets updated ridiculously quickly these days!)

I found this piece, connected with that of the brand, quite fascinating. To me, it represents the sheer number of nature symbols that are being used in successful, modern branding today, in particular, animals. It has potential to make quite a nice little research project into the psychology effect that animals and nature have upon our human perception and willingness to buy. I remember coming across the term, ‘power animals’ some years back now. If I remember rightly, this was connected with the idea of using animal symbols in advertising. But overall, quite an interesting observation here!


The 'difficult is worth doing' 2008 ad campaign by Honda.

This campaign was released on the 30 May 2008 as a live broadcast between an episode of Big Brother on channel 4. It involved a team of British skydivers, forming each individual letter of Honda on a one off, 30 second, live skydive attempt.

It is a fine example of how designers are being made to reach a higher level of expectation, in an attempt to make the audience go ‘WOW.’ Not only in the skydive does the broadcast achieve a memorable audience experience, but also, by the way it was unexpectedly shown to its audience between television programmes. During the live broadcast, Channel 4 said “the ad break drew an average of 2.2m individual viewers; it began with 2.1m viewers at 20.10pm and ended with 2.3m viewers at 20.13pm. The broadcaster estimates the audience for the ad grew by 8% during its live transmission.”


SMS Guerilla Projector

The SMS Guerrilla Projector is a portable text message graffiti tool that allows its user to project text based SMS messages in public spaces, in streets, on to people, vehicles and inside houses. The device is able to retrieve messages from other people in the surrounding area, thereby becoming a tool for mass participation and allowing its users to display and share their reflections in an unexpected and versatile way. It is classed as a ‘subjective tool’ which emerged as a reaction to society’s constant exposure to senseless corporate advertising. Again, the SMS Guerrilla projector, is something that has been designed to target an immune audience that are under saturation from forms of advertising in particular.

Cadbury's Gorilla Ad is an example of how design targets a certain audience.

Cadbury's Gorilla Ad is an example of how design targets a certain audience.

‘Gorilla’ is a 2007/2008 advertising viral campaign by Fallon, which aimed to promote the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand. The campaign was launched in response to recent blunders and product recalls, including the salmonella scare at a company factory during the summer of 2006.

This example has particular relevance towards the group’s subject of audience, due to the fact that the Gorilla campaign for Cadbury was one of the first of its kind to be designed to appeal to everyone. Spreading by word of mouth and on line, viral marketing, the Gorilla ad aimed to step away from pushing the product through traditional advertising means and instead, simply provide entertainment for the masses.


An example of the paper craft aesthetic which I have developed a personal interest in.

The ‘Paper Craft trend ‘ as it has been referred to, is a distinct style that has been noticed and utilised by many large companies in recent months. Although appearing across all design disciplines, this distinct style has been most prominent in the advertising industry. The image above is taken from the recent campaign for the new Audi Q5. Through using a stop frame animation combined with illustration and advanced folding techniques, BBH creative agency have successfully managed to transform a cardboard box into a life size replica of the car itself.

This aesthetic has been used not only by Audi, but by Orange, Pointer and Adobe alike. It is a pleasant but original visual style that manages to communicate to the masses at the same time as forming intrigue. My interest of this particular aesthetic can be seen in some of the pieces I have produced for my portfolio to date. The work of Chrissie MacDonald is where I got my initial love and appreciation for the style. I feel that the ‘Paper Craft trend’ is a radical, cutting edge technique and aesthetic which may possibly have the potential to become a subject for my Extended Major Project.

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