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An oppertunity for young designers and free lance designers to gain work.

An oppertunity for young designers and free lance designers to gain work.

Whilst waiting for my mate to finish shopping in the London Graphic Centre, I noticed this pin up board that was home to an array of business cards and flyers that advertised designers of all ages from around the country. I found this quite fascinating, and spent a short while checking out some of the online portfolio sites featured using my Iphone. The environment in which this point of self advertising was situated in seemed appropriate for attracting the type of people that might be interested in hiring out free lance designers for example, however because of the current situation that the design industry finds itself in, I’m not sure this would attract much employment opportunities.

Me and my housemate visit ODD one year later...

Me and my housemate visit ODD one year later...

On Wednesday 15th April, myself and a housemate also studying towards their honours degree, set off to London since getting in contact with design agency, ODD. Having moved about a block away from the old studio, we were informed that since our last visit, the original design team had been bought out by a much arger product design company who had worked with ODD in the past, in particular, when working on designs for the self service machines for the high street cosmetic chain, Boots.

Uniqlo seemed to be one of ODD’s biggest clients, a relationship that was just emerging when we visited during February of last year, and were told that because of this, the work in which they had been supplying the multinational clothing company with had become more and more experimental and fun.

During our visit, we spoke to Nick Stickland, head designer at ODD and also one of their junior designers named Mark. The current design team at ODD is made up from two groups of friends, graduating from the same universities and colleges. I certainly got the feeling that there was a definte ‘design community’ in the surrounding area, with SEA located just down the road. We were asked about our current projects and how we felt about graduating soon, and it was agreed that some arrangements could be made for possible work placements in the near future providing we both send the company copies of our portfolios and link to our websites that are currently under construction.


Negitive reply from Spin's PA, Natasha Day.

Received an email today from Design group, Spin\’s PA. Negative reply unfortunately, they were fully booked on the day when me and Kubby were planning on taking a trip to London.

Clever concept for self promotion.

Clever concept for self promotion.

Really clever idea here by Jasmine Raznahan, a graphic designer currently living and working in London. Using snippets from her school reports over a number of years, the business card becomes a true and accurate representation of who she is today. Not only do the personal school report quotes represent honesty, but they show that Jasmine is a natural creative, a unique selling point.

Ist attempt at re creating an idea I had for part of my personal stationary.

Ist attempt at re creating an idea I had for part of my personal stationary.

Initial mock up of what my ‘logo model’ might look like. I still feel it accurately represents the type of designer that I am and reflects a style that be seen in alot of the work in my portfolio to date.

I will consider more professional techniques when crafting the final model. Was suggested making a personal visit to local printers, S P S print, located in nearby Ferndown Might be able to get quotes here for high quality print jobs using various paper stocks, ideal for model making.

In terms of personal promotion, my model could be something that is sent to the potential employer as a kind of memento gift, along with my CV and other items?

My next steps are to experiment with where I chose to photograph the model. The location of its whereabouts could be the strength and uniqueness behind my personal identity here which makes me stand out from the crowd?

Portfolio presentation by the Managing Director of 'Think Juice', Bournemouth.

Portfolio presentation by the Managing Director of 'Think Juice,' Bournemouth.

Today, the Managing Director of Bournemouth based Advertising agency, Think Juice made a formal presentation based on preparing the portfolio. I found it a refreshing and rewarding presentation that put me into the right mindset to take action and update my portfolio ready for interviews in the near future.

The presentation outlined 5 major fundamentals related to preparing my portfolio:
1. Be 100% content with every aspect of my portfolio.
2. Avoid showing the work of other designers.
3. Remind myself about the pieces of work I choose to include in my portfolio by remembering at least two things to talk about for each.
4. Aim for approximately 8-10 really polished pieces of work to be included.
5. Demonstrate my thinking. The employer is always looking for that ‘diamond in the rough.’

 Inspiration for the application of my personal logo and identity.

Inspiration for the application of my personal logo and identity.

Inspired from this rather striking poster designed for the promotion of writer, editor and creative consultant, Sophie Lovell. The poster exaggerates the unique aesthetic of the third dimension. I like the idea of positioning models like this, especially models made from natural materials such as wood, and photographing them in contrasting, man made environments such as building interiors for example. This idea creates very strong emotion which I cannot seem to describe, but all the same, is one that I would very much like to be featured as the identity for my personal online portfolio and stationary.

I am considering making 3 Dimensional models of my logo from various materials, and documenting them in a series of different locations to eventually feature it on my online portfolio and other more personal design applications.

Twelveten use a similar style in their website as I intend to use for my own.

Twelveten use a similar style in their website as I intend to use for my own.

Nottingham based Graphic Design company, Twelveten use an aesthetic in their online portfolio, which I have recently shown some interest in using for my own.

Because my portfolio at the end of the year isn’t likely to include a large amount of motion graphics and/or interactivity, I feel that the final website itself, should have a strong flash element to it. This is so that I am able to come across to potential employers as being a well rounded Graphic Designer, who has abilities across more than one field.

I particularly like how Twelveten have used a full scale, high resolution photograph as their background image. Although it is noticeable, it has been taken in such a way that it doesn’t distract away from the actual pieces of work shown. All the information stays in one window, which is also a feature that appeals to me. I felt a sense of unity when interacting with this online portfolio, and a simple piece of script allows for a simple fade to break up each piece of work from each other, whilst retaining an exact ratio size.


3D Model made from the countries leading paper supplyers.

Whilst reading the recent issue of Creative Review, I couldn’t help but realise a small article near the front concerning paper. Up and coming model maker, Chrissie Macdonald has beautifully constructed a 3Dimensional scene using a ranging variety of card and paper stocks with the appropriate specifications alongside each section of the model. I guess this article can be looked at as a promotional effort for major professional paper suppliers in the Industry. However, for me a whole new idea emerged.

Having produced a number of 3Dimensional model based pieces during my time studying at The Arts Institute, I thought it quite a fascinating concept to construct an object which I felt symbolised my three years of study, and create it using the wide variety of left over paper and card samples that I have lying about in my office. It would serve as a kind of memento of my degree, and also warrant as a piece of self initiated practise for my portfolio maybe?

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