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Styles Ice Cream is one of First Design & Prints bigger clients. Being one of the South West’s leading Ice Cream companies, First has taken on a wide range of print promotion and the website for Styles. Ranging from standing displays to folded a5 promoters.

First Design & Print is a design agency specialising in both print and web promotion for small and medium sized businesses in the South West and indeed, further afield.

Located in the Exmoor National Park village of Porlock, First Design & Print offer friendly and professional advice to anyone looking to benefit their company or organisation through the use of both printed and/or web promotion. We have in house printing utilities so turn around on jobs is very quick and efficient.

I saw the job advert for the position of Graphic Designer in the local newspaper, and emailed the agency straight away with a copy of my portfolio and CV. They got back to me the following week and I soon had myself an interview with the Agency principle, Mark Padgett. Another week passed by and I had a telephone call confirming that I had been granted the position. Having only graduated at the beginning of Summer and considering the current financial climate, I was over the moon when i found out I would be starting in January 2010!

A typeface designed with Generative Graphics in mind.

A typeface designed with Generative Graphics in mind.

Tephra is a typeface that Hamish Muir has developed in recent years whilst teaching at various design and communication courses around the country. The typeface is based around a systematic process in its weight of stroke. The type family is made up of these variations of character size and stroke weights.

Tephra represents an interesting concept that I was able to make connections with in terms of my Extended Major Project. A lot of the typography in which Muir produces, bases itself around sets of mathematics. Almost, like a generative graphic, where the designer does not get himself involved in decision making and personal judgement. I could see this approach to typography, working effectively when I come to design the content for my printed pieces for the final experiment(s). It would allow the experiment(s) to be as non biased as possible from my part.


Attacking a Global issue from an obscure angle.

‘Honk for clean Air’ is a campaign by Graphic Designer, Roman Jaster. It isn’t the success of this campaign which caught my attention initially, rather it was the tool in which was used to drive such a campaign which I thought had more impact.

Based on a contradictory statement, I believe this campaign represents a realistic acceptance of a Global issue and moment in time, where change in our environment is unlikely to happen no matter what kind of efforts are applied to it. More people are driving now than ever before, and that number is multiplying in relation to a dramatic increase in Global population.

A system where the blind can defferentiate between clothes sizes.

A system where the blind are able to defferentiate between clothes sizes.

The blind often go un noticed in the society we live in today. This is a simple yet effective system designed for the blind by Swedish designer, Magdalena Czarnecki. By applying braille to clothing labels, Magdalena has come up with something that is relatively fresh, something which is new to me anyway.

What I like about this piece is the designer’s ability to highlight and target an area where design can be put to use in such a basic but practical way. This is something that would make a realistic, positive difference to the shopping experience of a blind person.


Guestbook designed with an interesting process of signing.

This is a guestbook designed to demonstrate the ‘moon pen.’ Designed by NASA for use in space at low gravity, the pen has a unique quality that allows it to write at any angle. With the pen fixed to a surface, the user signs by picking up the notebook and moving it over the tip. I like the process here just as much as the pen itself. Quite an interesting concept that makes the guest message that litle bit more special.

An inovative solution that looks at ways of improving the lifespan of the Businesscard.

An innovative solution that looks at ways of improving the lifespan of the Business card.

The Business card is probably the most commonly used item of stationary, yet so many are badly designed. A badly designed Business Card is going to be put at the bottom of a pile and chosen over one that captures the client’s attention. This design by Jamie Wieck, allows the client to interact with the Business card and use it to grow their own cress. Not only would a clever idea like this get attention, but the fact that it requires the client to further tend to it after receiving it would definitely act as a sound reminder of who you were.



Dominic Wilcox is another designer who’s work is very concept based. ‘Bed’ is a piece which aims to combine the object with the human form.

Here, he looks at the idea of everyone having certain sleeping positions which are unique to them. ‘Bed’ communicates this in a cleverly effective way. The fact that the bed is usually such a recognisable object in our day-to-day lives, makes this slightly altered version of the real thing even more powerful.

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