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Nice little device for creating those vector stripes. Especially good for use on website backgrounds!

Twelveten use a similar style in their website as I intend to use for my own.

Twelveten use a similar style in their website as I intend to use for my own.

Nottingham based Graphic Design company, Twelveten use an aesthetic in their online portfolio, which I have recently shown some interest in using for my own.

Because my portfolio at the end of the year isn’t likely to include a large amount of motion graphics and/or interactivity, I feel that the final website itself, should have a strong flash element to it. This is so that I am able to come across to potential employers as being a well rounded Graphic Designer, who has abilities across more than one field.

I particularly like how Twelveten have used a full scale, high resolution photograph as their background image. Although it is noticeable, it has been taken in such a way that it doesn’t distract away from the actual pieces of work shown. All the information stays in one window, which is also a feature that appeals to me. I felt a sense of unity when interacting with this online portfolio, and a simple piece of script allows for a simple fade to break up each piece of work from each other, whilst retaining an exact ratio size.


'Universe' is an online global search engine.

is a recent project by Computer programmer and Designer, Jonathan Harris. It follows a theme that is consistent through his work, which is that of displaying large quantities of electronic data using that the user is able to interact with. It can be categorised under a newly coined term in Graphic Design, which is ‘Internet Art.’

‘Universe’ is essentially, a programme that allows the user to gain access to any piece of information concerning the world at any one time. It is a search engine that has taken use ability and interaction to another level. Interactive search engines such as this may prove useful when selecting relevant themes for my Extended Major Project, as well as self initiated projects in my future career.


Uniqlock is a downloadable blog viral that operates on a global scale.

After the group tutorial at 1000hrs, it was decided that a slightly adverse approach was being taken as to the subject of audience. Instead of focusing on the design, it was suggested to direct attention towards the audiences themselves. Social Economic groups could possibly be considered as part of the targeted audience as well as industries and companies.

Uniqlock is designed by Kolchiro Tanaka of Japanese based design consultancy, Projector. It is one example that I have chosen to feature of how a ‘Web Immune’ audience has managed to preempt a design. Based on the way in which people use Blogs, and the speed and efficiency in which they allow readily available information to be passed around, Uniqlock is one big Global blog network that allows for maximum availability of this information that has the ability to stay fresh. Uniqlock answers to an audiences demand of design that is different, ground breaking and immediate.

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