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The 'difficult is worth doing' 2008 ad campaign by Honda.

This campaign was released on the 30 May 2008 as a live broadcast between an episode of Big Brother on channel 4. It involved a team of British skydivers, forming each individual letter of Honda on a one off, 30 second, live skydive attempt.

It is a fine example of how designers are being made to reach a higher level of expectation, in an attempt to make the audience go ‘WOW.’ Not only in the skydive does the broadcast achieve a memorable audience experience, but also, by the way it was unexpectedly shown to its audience between television programmes. During the live broadcast, Channel 4 said “the ad break drew an average of 2.2m individual viewers; it began with 2.1m viewers at 20.10pm and ended with 2.3m viewers at 20.13pm. The broadcaster estimates the audience for the ad grew by 8% during its live transmission.”


This is the A1 poster that myself and the rest of the group designed, in an attempt to summarize our findings on Audience in the boundaries of Graphic Design.

We organised to meet at a group member’s house at 1000hrs today for a formal meeting and discussion. In order to focus our ideas towards the final A1 poster, we decided to each summarise in our own words as to the findings as a group to date. My own interpretation was: Today’s audience are no longer being controlled by design. Because of a saturation point in visual communication, the audience is constantly needing to buy into an experience and therfor, have more control of their own.

From both our group and individual research, we were unable to define specific groups of people that make up the aundience within the boundaries of Graphic Design. Instead, we realised that there was a generalised theme occuring when thinking about audience. The audience demands experience.


SMS Guerilla Projector

The SMS Guerrilla Projector is a portable text message graffiti tool that allows its user to project text based SMS messages in public spaces, in streets, on to people, vehicles and inside houses. The device is able to retrieve messages from other people in the surrounding area, thereby becoming a tool for mass participation and allowing its users to display and share their reflections in an unexpected and versatile way. It is classed as a ‘subjective tool’ which emerged as a reaction to society’s constant exposure to senseless corporate advertising. Again, the SMS Guerrilla projector, is something that has been designed to target an immune audience that are under saturation from forms of advertising in particular.


Pixi Industrial Facility.

Pixi Industrial Facility is a concept digital camera, specifically designed to cater for online social networking. The camera works with the mobile phone, which provides all the vital functions such as a LCD screen, a camera and lens and the Internet connection to upload the images. Pixi will automatically, via bluetooth, instruct the phone where to send the picture, as well as indicate the on line presence of a particular friend. This ‘cult gadget’ has the ability to make you aware of an immediate audience that can enrich and transform the way in which pictures are taken and the way we share them. The pixi camera has been carefully considered by the designer in relation to the type of audience that is intended to use it.

After the group tutorial at 1000hrs on Monday 19, we decided to collate everyone’s individual research within the group as to the audiences we think designers are talking to through their work. We eventually came to a collective decision that the contemporary designer is finding it increasingly hard to effectively communicate to an ‘immune’ audience. We were able to highlight a range of different design examples that justified this point. For instance, the influence of brands are less effective than they used to be. Designers are constantly having to find new ways in order to communicate with new audiences. The audience of today is becoming harder and harder to impress. We noticed how technology is playing an increasing role in helping the designer to talk to the audience. The development of the web has seen an increase in on line virals for example, that have the ability to not only take people by surprise but give the audience the freedom of interaction and involvement.

Cadbury's Gorilla Ad is an example of how design targets a certain audience.

Cadbury's Gorilla Ad is an example of how design targets a certain audience.

‘Gorilla’ is a 2007/2008 advertising viral campaign by Fallon, which aimed to promote the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand. The campaign was launched in response to recent blunders and product recalls, including the salmonella scare at a company factory during the summer of 2006.

This example has particular relevance towards the group’s subject of audience, due to the fact that the Gorilla campaign for Cadbury was one of the first of its kind to be designed to appeal to everyone. Spreading by word of mouth and on line, viral marketing, the Gorilla ad aimed to step away from pushing the product through traditional advertising means and instead, simply provide entertainment for the masses.


Uniqlock is a downloadable blog viral that operates on a global scale.

After the group tutorial at 1000hrs, it was decided that a slightly adverse approach was being taken as to the subject of audience. Instead of focusing on the design, it was suggested to direct attention towards the audiences themselves. Social Economic groups could possibly be considered as part of the targeted audience as well as industries and companies.

Uniqlock is designed by Kolchiro Tanaka of Japanese based design consultancy, Projector. It is one example that I have chosen to feature of how a ‘Web Immune’ audience has managed to preempt a design. Based on the way in which people use Blogs, and the speed and efficiency in which they allow readily available information to be passed around, Uniqlock is one big Global blog network that allows for maximum availability of this information that has the ability to stay fresh. Uniqlock answers to an audiences demand of design that is different, ground breaking and immediate.

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